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Ellen Finke shares her experiences with HDO

Anna Carter
June 11, 2019

Ellen Finke, a second-year Human Dimensions of Organizations major, hopes to one day become a consultant for a non-profit, and she credits this decision to her time spent studying HDO. Ellen was initially drawn to HDO because of the versatility and uniqueness of its classes. During her past two years, Ellen has learned about the importance of understanding human motivation and behavior within the workplace.

“You must learn how people work, so then you can understand how people work in an organizational setting. Then you can better understand how the organization functions.”
-Ellen Finke

As someone who does not have one set “dream job” and is intrigued by various subjects, Ellen loves how HDO allows her to choose courses that align with her interests. Ellen does not like to be held down in one place and because of this, picking a major was very difficult for her. HDO, with its wide-ranging applicability, turned out to be the perfect option for her.

“HDO doesn’t limit you to just one area of education, it empowers you to learn about many topics. I like to do a lot of things, and this major allows me to do that.” -Ellen Finke

An education that allows students to understand the importance of human experience is what sets HDO undergraduates apart from students who may only be learning about business itself.
One aspect of HDO that has surprised Ellen is the importance of an organization’s foundational story and its impact on how a business operates. She learned that companies emerge from people’s experiences and stories, and we must listen to these stories in order to create purpose and drive within the organization.