HDO Students on HDO

Sydney Veatch shares her experiences with HDO

Anna Carter
May 26, 2019

Sydney Veatch, an undergraduate HDO student from the small town of Aurora, Texas, has embarked on a journey to learn how to best help others and find personal purpose through an education in Human Dimensions of Organizations.

Sydney, a sophomore, chose HDO because she loved how the major combined many different topics and areas of study. Rather than only preparing students for one specific career path, Sydney found that HDO helped develop each individual’s strengths and interests, making them more well-rounded during college and beyond.

“With [HDO], students can focus on their individual strengths and not be stuck in a box of one specific educational field.” – Sydney Veatch

Because of her kindness and drive to help others, Sydney works in project management for a non-profit that builds wells in Africa. She currently has multiple offers from human resource internships for this summer and in the future, Sydney plans to attend law school.

As you can see, Sydney has a variety of interests including law, human resources, and nonprofit work. She is able to fuel these interests through HDO’s multi-faceted curriculum. Sydney is currently in a class called ethnographic writing. In which, the professor provides the students with a prompt, and then everyone reads their responses aloud. Sydney was astonished to see the varying perspectives and motivations of her classmates that were prompted by these exercises. From this experience, Sydney learned, “no matter where we work, we’re going to be with people who are different than us. You have to learn about people and have knowledge of human behavior.” Knowledge of human behavior, communication, and experience is vital for working in any organizational structure. The communication and psychology aspects of HDO allow students to understand how to successfully work with others, negotiate with co-workers and bosses, and motivate the individuals around them to produce the best quality of work possible.

Sydney explains that an education in HDO truly prepares students to take on the world. She relates HDO to the saying “you can be anything you want,” because she feels that HDO allows students to become and accomplish anything they want after college. Sydney feels that in HDO, students are taught to learn, adapt, and gain new skills here at UT Austin so that they can tackle any career of their choosing.

“HDO students stand out because they are equipped to change the world.” – Sydney Veatch