Make Meetings Matter

Lewis Miller, HDO Marketing Coordinator
January 17, 2017
Updated: June 7, 2017

Meetings often provoke a sense of dread among employees. And they’re a nearly universal fact of work life. How can you make meetings more effective (and enjoyable)?

“Ughhh. I have to go to a meeting.”

“Blah. I’m sorry!”

“Wish me luck. I’m gonna need it…”

If that looks a typical exchange on your office chat app, you’re not alone. Many of us despise meetings. Common complains include that they’re unproductive, boring, repetitive, and/or frequently dominated by one or two overbearing individuals.

Large numbers of Americans view meetings as frustrating obligations that waste time and reduce their well-being at work. And when we’re lucky enough to be participating in a meeting that actually ends in some sort of resolution or proposed action, the all-too-common lack of follow through on these items can be maddening.

Common remedies for meeting fatigue include engaging in more purposeful pre-meeting planning, considering more carefully who to invite, moving any possible agenda items from in-person meetings to a collaborative software platform, establishing (and sticking to) explicit ground rules, and structuring meetings in ways that facilitate action (what a novel idea!).


Put It Into Practice

Making Meetings Matter,” is an open-enrollment course offered by HDO at UT Austin. The one-day course is designed to provide participants with practical and immediately applicable tools to transform the meetings they lead or attend.

Participants in this course will learn:

• How to identify the management styles and practices of your organization
• How to use meeting agendas as planning tools
• Strategies for setting (or resetting) productive meeting ground rules
• Strategies for managing dissent and making decisions
• Strategies for reducing distractions during meetings
• How to put these new strategies into practice effectively

There are still a few spots open for the November 3, 2017 run of this course. Early bird pricing is in effect until August 3! Sign up now and start making your meetings more productive. Your team will thank you!