The Art and Science of Negotiation

Negotiation • Communication • Strategy

Zachary Elkins, PhD & Mary Faria, FACHE, PhD
June 17, 2019

Negotiation is a fundamental part of life. We find ourselves negotiating at work, at home and at times, we even negotiate with ourselves. You’ll leave this seminar with a better sense of the type of negotiator you tend to be and with a set of tools to help you most effectively negotiate, even in very difficult situations.

As your presenters, we come from very different backgrounds (Dr. Elkins in government and politics and Dr. Faria in healthcare and business), and we’ve both been participants in and led many successful personal negotiations.

During the seminar, we explore some great video clips of key negotiations and discuss what worked or didn’t work in those examples. We share tips from top negotiators including those who deal with extremely challenging life and death scenarios. Most of us will never face situations like these; however, the lessons learned are invaluable.

We provide time and opportunity to discuss and plan significant negotiations that some participants are facing. Every time we run this course, this is one of the most compelling parts of our seminar. Collectively the participants look back on the learnings of the day and help a peer think through the best strategy for success in an upcoming negotiation.

Zachary and Mary’s seminar, The Art & Science of Negotiation, will be running this fall on October 25, 2019 and November 12, 2019. See what past participants have to say below!


I liked how the topic was covered in this course. Negotiation is a topic that is rarely covered in professional development. Through taking this course, I realized that I have a static negotiation style. I plan to work on tailoring my approach to different scenarios now that I am aware of the different styles.

– Neeraj “Neal” Arora, Architect: Emerging Technology, VMware


Negotiation is an art and also a science. This interactive session was very engaging and applicable to real situations. Mary and Zach are a great duo!

– Andrew Chong, Technical Director, Canadian General Tower


I’m going to immediately apply some of the key approaches I learned in the course in an upcoming negotiation. In particular, I’m going to work to build coalitions and recognize and understand the other party’s interests.

– Niti Patel, Senior Consultant, Denneen & Company