Courses to help you lead in the new normal 

Miles Husid

HDO Marketing Coordinator

October 1, 2020

This year has been fraught with new challenges that have required both professional and personal adaptation and growth. The way in which businesses and employees communicate, manage, strategize, and function has changed dramatically these last several months, making resources on working and leading through change all the more vital.
HDO specializes in courses that focus on strategically managing change in uncertain times. Below we have highlighted a few live online courses running this semester that do just that.
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Addressing Change-o-Phobia: Leading Change Up and Down the Org Chart (October 20)

  • Changing an organization’s policies, culture, or operating procedures requires the utmost in persuasive strategies. Drawing on rhetorical theory and organizational psychology, this workshop will help you understand why people resist change, plan out steps for introducing changes, and design communications promoting change directed at different kinds of audiences.

Praise for Addressing Change-o-Phobia

“Being able to apply skills to my own scenario means that I actually felt like I was getting something done, rather than just digesting content. I really appreciate the frameworks and checklists I can use to move change forward and make it successful.” – Adrienne Arroyo, Science Secondary Specialist, Austin ISD

Achieving Balance: Time Management for Modern Professionals (October 21)

  • Due to changes in work and technology, people’s personal and professional lives are more connected than ever before—and more fragmented, busier, more crammed with tasks and obligations. How can we regain work-life balance? How can we achieve confidence, clarity, and the ability to plan? In this one-day seminar, Dr. Clay Spinuzzi will use a mix of research, theory, and experience to discuss the challenges we face in planning our time and projects.udiences.

Praise for Achieving Balance: Time Management

“The engaging presentation of real-life examples made it easy to see these principles apply not only to work-life and career goals but to personal and internal evaluations of life. This was a very open, safe, and friendly environment for interaction and discussion.” –Tina Reynolds, Customer Support Consultant at Compeat Restaurant Management Systems

The Heart of Leadership: Moving Forward Through Change (November 17)

  • This seminar draws on the disciplines of psychology and ethics to examine the various behaviors and strategies that enable leaders to build resilient teams and organizations. Participants will emerge with confidence that they know how to lead others through change successfully.

Praise for The Heart of Leadership

“As always, Dr. Woodruff’s insight, stories, and ability to connect the material to real-life situations made for an engaging day. I’m always very thankful for stumbling on HDO. It’s been truly life-changing.” – Jeannie Flaherty, Technical Writer, Pathway Vet Alliance

Designing a More Diverse and Inclusive Organization (November 20)

  • In this seminar, we explore some specific ways your organization can move beyond rhetoric and good intentions to action and impactful outcomes. In addition to learning about some of the most relevant research in this area, participants will have the chance to collaborate in small groups to generate practical solutions that address real-world problems.

We are excited to offer Designing a More Diverse and Inclusive Organization as a new course running for the first time this semester!

Join us for a one-day seminar, a four-day certificate program, or create your own training experience. Whatever path you choose, our programs give you the knowledge, the skills, and the network to create your competitive advantage.


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