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HDO Students on HDO: Emma Steiner

June 25, 2019
Anna Carter, HDO Marketing & Events Assistant

Emma Steiner is about to finish her second year as an HDO major, and she is grateful to have found a degree program that provides her with creative freedom while preparing her for the workforce. She credits HDO for helping her land her current marketing job.

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Seminar Spotlight: The Art and Science of Negotiation

June 17, 2019
Zachary Elkins, PhD & Mary Faria, FACHE, PhD

Negotiation is a fundamental part of life. We find ourselves negotiating at work, at home and at times, we even negotiate with ourselves.

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HDO Students on HDO: Ellen Finke

June 11, 2019
Anna Carter, HDO Marketing & Events Assistant

Ellen Finke, a second-year Human Dimensions of Organizations major, hopes to one day become a consultant for a non-profit. She credits this decision to her time spent studying HDO and feels that the skills she has learned in this major will prepare her well after graduation.

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Seminar Spotlight: Organizational Leadership & Strategy in Uncertain Times

June 4, 2019
Jeremi Suri, PhD

We live in uncertain times, magnified by the speed and reach of communications. Leaders are called upon to be transformative, empathetic, and visionary. They are also expected to be humble, restrained, and error-free. These are impossible expectations.

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HDO Students on HDO: Sydney Veatch

May 26, 2019
Anna Carter, HDO Marketing & Events Assistant

Sydney Veatch, an undergraduate HDO student from the small town of Aurora, Texas, has embarked on a journey to learn how to best help others and find personal purpose through an education in Human Dimensions of Organizations.

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Seminar Spotlight: Addressing Change-o-Phobia

May 21, 2019
Davida Charney, PhD & Marcia Silverberg, MSW

You’re in a meeting deciding on the next step to take toward launching a new initiative. One rather bossy person has been dominating the discussion pushing for the fastest possible launch date. Others in the room look uncomfortable but no one is saying anything.

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Texas Psychology Continuing Education (TPCE)

April 29, 2019
Miles Husid, HDO Marketing Coordinator

We’re excited announce the launch of Texas Psychology Continuing Education or TPCE! For TPCE, we’re teaming up with faculty from one of the highest-ranking psychology programs in the nation to change the game for how psychologists, counselors, and other fields complete their yearly continuing education (CE) credits.

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Nonprofit Accelerators Program

April 18, 2019
Miles Husid, HDO Marketing Coordinator

HDO is pleased to announce the launch of the HDO Nonprofit Accelerators program! HDO recognizes the vital work that nonprofits contribute to society and we want to celebrate the individuals that make that work happen.

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Cooking with Gas: How Curbside Groceries Sparked Innovation (and Profits) by Putting People First

Julie Schell, E.D.D., Executive Director of Extended and Executive Education, Assistant Professor of Practice
School of Design and Creative Technologies (SDCT), UT Austin

February 26, 2019

Picture This: It’s Sunday afternoon, and you really need to go to the grocery store. And so does every other person in your neighborhood.

Finding a parking spot will be frustrating. A handful of the items you need most will be out-of-stock or picked over. Once you get through your shop, the checkout lines will be snaking down every aisle. Laying on your couch, you check your neighborhood community Facebook page, and sure enough, there are 30 comments under the post: “AVOID [Insert local grocery store name] at all costs!”

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HDO’s New Director

Amy Ware, PhD, HDO Director
February 4, 2019

HDO Community,

I am excited to write you not only as the new director of the HDO Program, but also as the protégée of our founding director Art Markman. I want to thank him for his service to HDO and tell you a bit about his efforts on its behalf. He so often praised the efforts of the rest of us that I want to be sure to sing his praises, too!

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