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Capstone Projects

Each semester has a particular focus that prepares students to complete their Capstone Project, which is a research project and presentation requiring students to use their new skills to change real-world situations within organizations.

HDO Capstone Projects

Humanities-Based Solutions to Key Organizational Challenges

Taught by some of the University’s top professors, HDO Master’s students explore an array of disciplines – including psychology, literature, sociology, philosophy, anthropology, and rhetoric – and apply them to key organizational issues including leadership, ethics, communication, change management, and decision-making.

Each student produces a Capstone Project that allows them to personalize HDO’s innovative multidisciplinary curriculum and apply it to an issue(s) of their choosing. These projects, which explore the applicability of the humanities and social and behavioral sciences to businesses and nonprofit organizations, serve as a culmination of all the work students have put forth in pursuit of their degree.

Designed for Widespread Applicability: Annual Public Presentation

These projects are presented to the general public, faculty members, business and nonprofit leaders, advisors, and family members at HDO’s annual Practical Applications of the Humanities for the Modern Workplace event.

At this event, students present posters that summarize the key points covered in their Capstone Project, answer your questions about their projects, and explore how their ideas may be applied to your organization.

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