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Explore HDO’s 15-Month Master’s Degree

Join us to learn more about the HDO Master’s Program for professionals. Each session covers a variety of topics related to the program, including:

  • Program Overview & History
  • Course Structure & Curriculum
  • Advisors & Faculty
  • Assignments & Capstone Project Examples
  • Admissions & Tuition
  • Q & A with Program Director, Staff, and Alumni

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Information Sessions

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Chat with an Alum

Our alums are your best source of firsthand knowledge of the HDO experience. And they’re more than happy to speak with prospective students. If you would like to schedule a chat with an alum, simply contact us and we’ll match you up with an alum who shares your professional background and/or motivations for applying to the program.

“The greatest challenge of my job is figuring out how to solve large-scale issues by engaging, growing, and developing the many, complex humans in our organization. HDO taught me how to think critically and systemically about the moving parts of my large organization, while always holding humanity at the center. Studying in HDO was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, and I know I will see the ROI for decades to come.”

Lisa Dalgliesh (Class of 2019)

Dr. Elizabeth Richmond-Garza, winner of HDO’s 2019 Outstanding Professor of the Year award, explains how the HDO Master’s Degree provides a unique education experience for working professionals and highlights why she is so passionate about teaching in the program.

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