Nonprofit Accelerators Program


HDO recognizes the vital work that nonprofits contribute to society and we want to celebrate the individuals that make that work happen.

Each semester, several people working in the nonprofit sector will be selected to participate in a four-day certificate program free of charge. These “Nonprofit Accelerators” will be full participants in their selected program and will receive a certificate upon completion of their final course.


  • Applicants and nominees must work for a nonprofit organization, the government, the military, or a not-for-profit educational institution
  • Upon completion of their certificate program, we will ask our Nonprofit Accelerators to provide an overview of what they learned and how this will help them better contribute to serving their organization’s mission (this may be in written form and/or via a video interview)
  • Completed application (including a short letter of recommendation) or nomination form

Fall 2023 Deadline: August 1, 2023

If you are considering applying, please begin your application as early as possible. The application requires a letter of recommendation from a colleague or supervisor. We suggest giving your recommender at least a week to complete and submit their letter. 

The spring 2023 application is now closed. The application for fall 2023 participation will open in April. 


Feel free to use the chat feature to connect with us (bottom right of your screen) or contact us via email.

Fine Print:

  • There will be a maximum of one UT Austin employee selected per semester.
  • Applicants and nominees who are not selected as one of our Nonprofit Accelerators are still eligible to receive our discounted certificate program registration pricing available for nonprofit employees.
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