Advisory Board

HDO’s Advisory Board

HDO actively seeks contributions and advice from our Advisory Board (AB), which is comprised of representatives from the business, nonprofit, government, and entrepreneurial communities in Texas and throughout the country. AB members help HDO faculty and staff enhance our mission, strengthen student recruitment and mentorship, and generate a distinct and excellent curriculum.

The AB keeps faculty apprised of industry trends; likewise, the faculty updates the AB on academic trends that may improve organizational performance. HDO appreciates the invaluable assistance of our Advisors:

Kyle Ali
Team Lead, Computer Science Summer Institute (CSSI)

Jodi Batten
Red Gold
National Sales & Marketing Director

Bill Chatham
Vice President, Strategic Distribution West

Catherine Crago
Housing Authority of the City of Austin
Head of Strategic Initiatives and Resource Development

Michelle Jack
Foxconn Industrial Internet
Global Supply Management
HDO Master’s Class of 2018

AJ Josefowitz
AJ Josefowitz Consulting, LLC
Co-Leader, The Heart of Leadership: Moving Forward Through Change

Hamza Khan
Program Manager, Trust & Safety
HDO Master’s Class of 2019

Cyndee Blockinger Lake
Blank Page, LLC
Chief Purpose Officer & Co-Founder
HDO Master’s Class of 2015

Michael Larson
iA American Warranty Group
Associate Vice President of Sales Operations
HDO Master’s Class of 2015

Sara Llansa
Houston Independent School District
Director, EMERGE
HDO Master’s Class of 2017

Del Watson
The University of Texas at Austin
Director of Faculty Affairs
HDO Master’s Class of 2014

Students within liberal arts programs have extensive skills for surfing the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Bridging critical thinking and meaning-making with entrepreneurship and design, post-secondary liberal arts programs are positioned to generate the kinds of intuitive thinkers that understand the future.

Daniel Araya and Creig Lamb, The Brookings Institution

Innovation can’t simply be ordered up. To create and sustain an innovative culture, you have to go beyond being managers to becoming leaders. HDO can play a fundamental role in this transformation.”

Craig Wynett, Chief Learning Officer, Procter & Gamble

To advance our mission of better understanding the people who drive today’s global marketplace, we developed three education opportunities:

Our 15-Month Master’s Degree is designed for professionals in the business, nonprofit, government, and military sectors searching for a more comprehensive understanding of how human behavior and experience affect organizational success. Students graduate from the Master’s program equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to make their organizations more effective, creative, and efficient.

Our Professional Training programs allow individuals and organizations the opportunity to train with UT Austin’s top faculty members in a professional-friendly format. These programs provide practical and immediately applicable tools for solving key organizational problems, ranging from personal motivation and growth to strategic organizational leadership. Training options include One-Day Seminars, Certificate Programs, and Custom Programs.

In addition to our offerings for working professionals, we launched a Bachelor’s Degree program in fall 2016. The undergraduate program teaches students to explore, learn, and articulate the ways the liberal arts and social and behavioral sciences can address practical problems facing organizations.

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