Outliers, Innovators, Leaders: Welcome

A 15-month program designed for working professionals. Courses are led by UT Austin’s top faculty and cover topics such as leadership, communication, ethics, change management, and decision-making.

Information Sessions

HDO holds information sessions on the UT Austin campus, in cities across the state, and online throughout the year. Click below to RSVP for an upcoming session. Each session covers a variety of topics related to the program.

Capstone Projects

Each semester has a particular focus that prepares students to complete their Capstone Project, which is a research project and presentation requiring students to use their new skills to change real-world situations within organizations.


The total cost of HDO’s 15-month Master’s program is $60,000. This flat fee covers your tuition and fees as well as expenses related to the program. There are no additional fees for textbooks, course materials, career services, advising, or access to The University of Texas at Austin resources (gyms, libraries, research databases, etc.).

This fee also covers staff support for students for the duration of the program. We know that our students are balancing families and careers while pursuing their education. For that reason staff handles course registration, in-class technical support, and provides other logistical support.

HDO students have several options for helping to pay for their program fees, including partial or full funding support from their employers, student loans/financial aid, and/or Veteran’s Benefits. HDO staff will work with you to devise a payment plan that best meets your needs.

Tuition Payment Schedule

Payment Period Amount and Due Date
Deposit $1,500 (non-refundable; due upon acceptance of admission)
Fall I Tuition $16,500 (due August 1)
Spring Tuition $14,000 (due January 1)
Summer Tuition $14,000 (due May 1)
Fall II Tuition $14,000 (due August 1)

HDO’s Founding Director and Psychology Professor, Art Markman, explains how working professionals will benefit from pursuing an HDO’s Master’s degree.

Request for Information

Receive more information about this transformative program by filling out this form. Our team will reach out to you with additional information about the curriculum, costs, application deadlines and more.

Every leader has a lens by which they view the world, and what they see guides their decisions and actions. To me, more important than the tactical understanding of any framework or process is one’s ability to take in, interpret and accept information broadly; especially with information which may be different than, or may not align with our own perspectives. The most valuable thing that I gained from my Cohort and Professors was the journey of broadening that lens; it gave me a more adaptive lens by which to view the world.

Juan de Amezaga (Class of 2018)

Outliers, Innovators, Leaders, Welcome