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“HDO created a custom program on innovation and culture change for our senior management team. The faculty and staff listened to our needs and delivered a series of engaging courses that provided useful and insightful information on how to instill and reinforce innovative thinking in the workplace.”

Richard J. Gergasko, President & CEO, Texas Mutual Insurance Company

“Our group’s session with HDO gave me a different perspective on many areas of my job. It made me think about how I can bring additional knowledge and new ways of thinking to my team and the departments we service. Excellent presentation!”

Michelle Tanksley, Manager of Operating Accounts, Financial and Administrative Services, UT Austin

Are You Ready to Transform Your Organization?

HDO offers Professional Training options for groups of all sizes and types. Whether you represent a large multinational or a local non-profit, our staff and faculty will work with your team to create an impactful, unique, and enjoyable learning experience.

Open Enrollment Packages

Provide your team members access to the 40+ open enrollment courses and programs HDO offers each year.

This option is ideal for organizations seeking flexible professional training options. Your participants will learn alongside and network with professionals from diverse backgrounds while exploring specific human-centered topics.

Our courses cover various individual and organizational issues, including culture change, strategy, ethical decision-making, communication, diversity and inclusion, and change management.

You can choose a course or suite of courses based on your training goals for your team members or you can allow employees to participate in the course(s) of their choice based on their individual needs and schedules.

Whether you need a one-time training opportunity or a dedicated provider of human-centered professional development, our packages enable your members to upskill while training with top UT Austin faculty.

The benefits of choosing an Open Enrollment Package include: 

  • Discounted Registration & Flexibility: Save up to 50% off standard course fees. There is no expiration date on your set of registrations; you and your team members can use them at your convenience. 
  • Enrollment Process Management: Your employees can enroll themselves, choosing the course topics that match their individual training needs and schedules, or you can choose to manage enrollment for your team members. 
  • Dedicated Account Management: Staff provides an initial consultation call and ongoing advising regarding relevant courses. Your organization will also have a single point of contact for registration and account management issues.

Custom Training Programs

Develop a custom learning experience that addresses your organization’s primary needs. 

Designed to deliver lasting, strategic, and transformative value to your organization, these programs range from private sessions of our open enrollment courses to the development of a wholly customized experience.

Our curriculum development team, composed of HDO faculty and staff, will work with you to construct a relevant and rewarding learning journey to address your core challenges.

After an initial consultation, we will assemble a team of UT Austin faculty with expertise in your areas of need. Then, in a collaborative process with representatives of your organization, we will design a program tailored to address your goals, outcomes, and time frame.

Upon completion of your program, we will conduct an evaluation with all participants (and your leadership team, if applicable) to measure the program’s impact on individuals and the organization as a whole.

The benefits of pursuing a Custom Program include: 

  • Flexible Structure: We work with you to ensure that your program’s length, format, and delivery modality align with your needs and budget. Previous programs have ranged from two-hour introductory sessions on specific topics to multi-day immersive experiences covering a set of related challenges.
  • Maximum Impact and Relevance: Your program’s curriculum, case studies, simulations, and activities are designed to ensure that content resonates with your team members.
  • Adaptability: Today’s global marketplace often requires organizations to change priorities at a rapid pace. If your needs shift during your engagement with HDO, we will work with you to modify your program to match your present goals. 


If you are interested in learning more about either of our group training options, please contact us via email, chat (bottom right-hand side of your screen), or the form below.

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Teams and individuals from over 600 organizations have participated in HDO’s Professional Training programs. Our programs can be designed for all types of organizations: large and small, for-profit and not-for-profit.

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