Master’s Degree Program Distance Learning

HDO master's students in class online and in-person

Meeting Students Where They Are

The Master of Arts in Human Dimensions of Organizations can be pursued in person, remotely, or a combination of modalities. We’ve designed the program to allow our students to be active class participants, whether they’re joining from Austin, Mexico City or Beijing.

Prioritizing Flexibility and Cohort Bonding

The first three semesters of the program are each kicked off by a mandatory in-person intensive week. During this time, cohort members are able to bond with one another and program faculty. These weeks feature social and cultural events, such as happy hours, panel discussions, and museum tours, as well as a kickoff of classes that will be held that semester. Our alums often remark that the cohort, with its close-knit nature, is one of the most essential elements of the program’s success.

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HDO master's students in class online and in-person​​

​​Engaging in Real Time

The HDO program has offered a distance learning option since 2013, allowing students to participate in classes from anywhere in the world. This convenient option is synchronous, which enables distance learners to actively engage with their fellow students and instructors; distance learners participate in real-time class discussions and activities alongside their in-person peers.

​​Embracing Adaptability

The vast majority of our students are working full-time while they’re in the program. We know workplace demands can shift during the 15 months you’re an HDO student. Therefore, we allow our students to choose an attendance modality that meets their current needs. For example, even if you intend to be an in-person learner upon applying, you have the flexibility to attend classes remotely when needed.

HDO master's program distance learners​​​