“Innovation can’t simply be ordered up. To create and sustain an innovative culture, you have to go beyond being managers to becoming leaders. HDO can play a fundamental role in this transformation.”

– Craig Wynett, Chief Learning Officer, Procter & Gamble; HDO External Advisor


Human Dimensions of Organizations at UT Austin is the first program of its kind in the nation, combining a multidisciplinary exploration of the humanities and the behavioral sciences with real-world applications for modern organizations.

HDO is growing. Quickly. Over the past several years we’ve launched a new Bachelor’s degree, seen enrollment in our 15-month Executive Master’s program double, and vastly expanded our Professional Training offerings. We invite you to invest in our efforts to provide an innovative education to current and aspiring leaders.

Two Ways to Invest in HDO

Endowment Contribution (Long-Term Support): HDO’s Founding Director’s Excellence Endowment was established in 2017 to offer current and future program directors ongoing funds to support new initiatives and expand current programmatic goals. Contributing to this Excellence Endowment offers donors the opportunity to support innovative ideas that will continue to deepen HDO’s impact across all sectors. In addition, these donations will expand our current efforts to provide graduate student fellowships, undergraduate student awards, high-quality distance-learning technology, and faculty research support. Gifts to the Founding Director’s Excellence Endowment will provide recurring funds that will grow with time.

General Support (Immediate Impact): For those interested in making an immediate impact on HDO, contributions to our General Fund allow us to address vital needs, such as nonprofit/low-income tuition assistance; graduate and undergraduate research awards and opportunities; maintenance and improvement of distance-learning technologies; and general program support.

Select Your Preferred Donation Option:

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your donation options, please contact HDO Director Amy Ware at amy.ware@utexas.edu or 512-232-7338.


“The HDO bachelor’s program focuses on understanding organizational dynamics and behaviors—how organizations work—which is an essential skill in today’s rapidly changing work environment. To succeed, leaders need more than good functional skills; they need to communicate well across silos, understand complex organizational interdependencies, and adapt to ambiguous and rapidly changing business environments.”

– Bjorn Billhardt, CEO, Abilitie; HDO External Advisor