Architect Your Future: Self-Scripting

Dec 14, 2020

HDO student speaking confidently.

Approach Any Situation With the Confidence to Achieve Your Desired Outcomes

Michelle Jack, MA

HDO Alumna (Class of 2018)

December 14, 2020

We believe the past is the past, the present is the present and the future is unknown. What if we think of these concepts as a constant loop? How you can use what you know about the past and present to architect the future? Experiencing the unknowns of the future allows you to adjust and prepare for that future. Our environment is changing continuously. We must be agile and prepared to face that future with confidence.

You are going into your boss’s office. You have a touchy situation to explain and you are unsure of how they will react. What do you do? How will they act? We freeze or stumble through the situation wishing we had a do over. In order prepare for the situation, you must create the experience, live the experience, anticipate the potential scenarios to gain confidence and be prepared.

You are entering the board room for the first time. Where do I sit? Who will be there? What questions will they asked me? Will they even ask me a question? For anyone who has gone into this situation it is akin to stage fright. You do not know what to expect, you do not know the reaction of your audience. How are you to keep cool under these situations?

In this brief webinar, HDO alumna Michelle Jack will present her approach to self-scripting based on countless encounters in the board room, the construction site, and even with her now-grown children. This talk will provide the framework for you to go into any situation with the confidence to achieve your desired outcomes.

This particular webinar was the latest in HDO’s Humans@Work webinar series. These free one-hour sessions provide participants with immediately applicable professional insights based on research by UT Austin’s top faculty. Be on the lookout for our next installment soon!

In the meantime, you can view Michelle’s past webinar on self-scripting below. 

Webinar Leader: Michelle Jack, MA

Michelle Jack is a partner with Newport LLC., a national strategic advisory firm where she helps clients with complicated business situations maximize results. Her clients have difficult situations where there are many unknowns, and few knowns. She utilizes her tools and expertise to create an environment of collaboration toward a future architected and meets the client’s needs.

Michelle graduated from the Human Dimensions of Organizations Master’s Program in 2018 and utilizes what she learned daily with her clients. Additionally, she is certified as a business behavioral coach and helps clients achieve their maximum potential. Michelle has held executive positions in both finance and operations for global companies. She believes that building relationships is key to successful partnerships and that you can architect your future by using your past and present, the knowns and unknowns.


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