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Upcoming Certificate Programs

Change Management Certificate Program
October 18-21, 2022

Certificate in Human Dimensions of Organizations
September-November, 2022 (Complete four courses of your choosing)

One-Day Professional Seminars

HDO seminars combine cutting-edge research with real-world application to provide practical and immediately relevant tools for solving key organizational problems.

Businesses and nonprofits often bring outside specialists on board to improve their organization’s overall efficiency, creativity, and productivity. Participants in our seminars learn to function as “internal consultants,” equipped with new skills and insights to enhance their existing expertise and institutional knowledge.

By exploring specific human, cultural, and communicatory aspects of organizations alongside professionals from a diverse range of industries, participants leave HDO seminars more effective, well-rounded employees.

Four-Day Certificate Programs

Built on strong academic fundamentals and real-world relevance, HDO Certificate Programs are designed to enhance the portfolios of mid-and upper-level professionals.

Over the course of four days, you will gain immediately applicable tools and skills to accelerate your career, whether your goal is advancing in your current organization, deepening your capacities to excel in your existing role, or developing additional skills for a transition to a new position.

During your four-day experience, you will learn alongside and network with experienced professionals from a diverse range of industries. If you cannot commit to four consecutive days, you can also create your own program over the course of a semester.

If you are interested in obtaining employer support for your HDO Professional Training experience, please visit our Employer Support Resources page.

Dr. Richmond-Garza was highly engaging and able to transmit an incredible amount of material to us in only a day’s time. The organization of the material and use of theater techniques was very interesting and useful. This seminar will enable me to pursue a more cognizant and consistent approach to understanding motivation.

Francis Tsang, Clinical Informaticist, Ascension Seton Medical Center

I’ve been in Executive Management for over 20 years. The courses I took in the HDO program helped me to gain a fresh perspective on management; specifically, on how people work. I highly recommend taking a seminar or obtaining a certification in this program.

Dorothy A. Benavidez, Executive Vice President, CRAssociates, Inc.

Caryn Carlson, a Professor of Psychology at UT Austin, has been teaching in our Professional Training programs since HDO was created in 2011.

In this video, Dr. Carlson highlights how training participants will benefit from incorporating an understanding of human psychology into their professional toolkit.

Fall 2022 Certificate Programs

Certificate in Human Dimensions of Organizations (Create Your Own Program)

Select any four courses running this semester that align with your schedule and your professional development needs. Upon completion of your fourth course, you will receive a Certificate in Human Dimensions of Organizations.

Change Management

Date: October 18-21, 2022 (In Person at UT Austin)

Registration Fee: $2,300-$3,000

The Change Management Certificate Program from Human Dimensions of Organizations at UT Austin prepares participants to lead individuals and groups through periods of uncertainty, growth, mission shift, or reorganization. 

As a participant in this program, you will gain tools to:

  1. Develop behaviors and strategies to build resilient teams and organizations. 
  2. Understand why people resist change, how to plan out the steps for introducing changes, and how to design communications promoting change. 
  3. Drive idea generation and unlock individual and team creativity. 
  4. Reduce instances of and mitigate the impacts of human error.

Courses Included in This Program:

The Heart of Leadership: Moving Forward Through Change

October 18, 2022

This seminar draws on the disciplines of psychology and ethics to examine the various behaviors and strategies that enable leaders to build resilient teams and organizations. Participants will emerge with confidence that they know how to lead others through change successfully.

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Addressing Change-o-Phobia: Leading Change Up and Down the Org Chart

October 19, 2022

Leading changes to an organization’s operations, policies, and/or culture requires a keen understanding of emotions, organizations, and persuasive strategies. Drawing on rhetorical theory and organizational psychology, this workshop will help you understand why people resist change, how to plan out the steps for introducing changes, and how to design communications promoting change directed at different audiences and phases of the change process. This class involves case studies and ample time for discussion of participant issues.

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Behavior Change & Influence

October 20, 2022

Behavior Change and Influence is led by Psychology Professor and HDO’s Founding Director, Dr. Art Markman. Drawing on research that was the basis for his book, Smart Change (each participant receives a copy), Dr. Markman provides insights from cognitive science to help you achieve your goals in fostering behavioral change and exerting greater influence.

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Risky Business: Human Error & Organizational Resiliency

October 21, 2022

This course provides you with core scientific principles from psychology and engineering to help you better understand what human error is, and ways of building barriers to keep errors from turning into major events. This seminar is helpful for people across sectors and at all organizational levels. The tools provided will empower participants to reduce error, both in their organizations and their personal lives.

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Notice: The majority of our fall 2022 courses and programs will be held online. Our Change Management Certificate Program (October 18-21, 2022) will be held in person at UT Austin’s IC² Institute. We continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation in Central Texas. We will transition programs scheduled to be in-person to a live online format if conditions require.

Fall 2022 One-Day Seminars

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