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Four-Day Certificate Programs

Built on strong academic fundamentals and real-world relevance, HDO Certificate Programs are designed to enhance the portfolios of mid- and upper-level professionals.

Over the course of four days, you will gain immediately applicable tools and skills to accelerate your career, whether your goal is advancing in your current organization, deepening your capacities to excel in your existing role, or developing additional skills for a transition to a new position. In the process, you will learn alongside and network with experienced professionals from a diverse range of industries.

As an HDO Certificate Seeker, you may choose one of four concentration options to meet your specific professional development goals: Organizational Improvement, Personal Leadership, Strategic Thinking, or Language & Leadership.

“My favorite part of the Certificate Program was, hands down, the cross-disciplinary faculty. What remarkable minds! I gained multiple new lenses through which to view workplace challenges. I felt so lucky to have exposure and access to these extraordinary educators. The HDO faculty is world class. I can’t stop raving.”

Sarah Gerichten, Director of Marketing, Square Root, Inc.

How to Earn Your HDO Certificate

Option 1: Earn Your Certificate in One Week

Register for one of the upcoming programs listed below and complete your certificate courses over four consecutive days. This option is ideal for people who wish to complete their program quickly and/or for people located outside Central Texas.

HDO holds eight certificate programs per year, with courses running Tuesday through Friday of each program week. You will receive a digital and hard-copy version of your certificate upon completion of your courses. To select this option, register for one of the upcoming programs below.

Option 2: Earn Your Certificate at Your Own Pace

Register as an HDO Certificate Seeker and complete four one-day courses as your schedule permits. There is no time limit in which you must complete your courses. We run at least 32 certificate courses per year.

After registering, HDO staff will contact you with information related to upcoming courses in your chosen concentration option. You will receive a digital and hard-copy version of your certificate upon completion of your courses. To select this option, register here.

If you have already completed one or more courses and you would like to apply them to a certificate program, contact us.

Upcoming Programs

Strategic Thinking (September 25-28, 2018)
Personal Leadership (October 9-12, 2018)
Language & Leadership (October 23-26, 2018)
Organizational Improvement (November 6-9, 2018)

“HDO’s Certificate Program provided me an opportunity to learn from dynamic professors and network with various industry professionals in the pursuit of being a better leader, driven by the desire to achieve operational excellence, all while trying to understand people, behaviors, and motivations. I found this experience truly enlightening.”

Brian L. Robbins, Director of Operations Management at Life Care Services

“Through HDO’s Certificate Program, I gained the ability to better understand and manage change in my organization, particularly while leading our current restructuring. In the courses I took and discussions with fellow participants—all from a wide range of sectors—my eyes and ears were opened to the similarity of the issues and challenges we’re all facing. Overall, I learned to view organizational change as a creative process that provides great opportunities for personal and professional growth.”

Susan Seet, Chief Program Technical Officer at Texas Commission on State Emergency Communications

“I’ve been in Executive Management for over 20 years. The courses I took in the HDO program helped me to gain a fresh perspective on management; specifically, on how people work. I highly recommend taking a seminar or obtaining a certification in this program.”

Dorothy A. Benavidez, Executive Vice President, CRAssociates, Inc.

Teams and individuals from over 300 companies, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations have participated in HDO Professional Training, including: