Communication & Leadership Certificate Program


Strong leaders have stellar communication skills. In this program, you will learn to create and deliver better narratives, improve your powers of persuasion and negotiation and strengthen your personal brand.
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Location: UT Austin

This certificate program consists of three required courses (listed below) and one elective course option.

This certificate is comprised of four single-day courses.

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The Communication & Leadership Certificate Program, offered by the Human Dimensions of Organizations at UT Austin, is a comprehensive program that equips participants with the essential skills and knowledge to excel as strong communicators and effective leaders.

Effective communication is the cornerstone of successful leadership, and this program is designed to empower individuals to inspire, engage, and lead with confidence.

Learning Objectives

Engage Your Audience: Effective leaders must engage their audience in relevant and meaningful ways. This program will provide participants with techniques to capture the attention and interest of their listeners, ensuring that their messages are impactful and well-received.

Boost Credibility and Inspiration: Communication is not just about conveying information; it’s about building credibility and inspiring others. Participants will learn how to communicate in a manner that boosts their credibility and motivates those they lead.

Negotiation Mastery: Leadership often involves negotiation, and this program will help participants build a solid command of the principal elements of negotiation. Whether it’s in the boardroom or in daily interactions, negotiation skills are vital for effective leadership.

Persuasive Communication: The ability to communicate ideas and proposals persuasively is a hallmark of a successful leader. Participants will gain insights and techniques to communicate persuasively to various audiences, making their ideas more influential and impactful.

Certificate Requirements

You must complete the three courses below and one elective course (see elective options) within 18 months.

Required Courses:


Details & Registration

Dates: Various
Time: 9 a.m.–4 p.m. each day
Location: UT Austin
Continuing Education Units (CEUs): 2.4 – 24 hours of instruction (CEUs awarded upon completion of the program)

Certificate Pricing:

Registration fee includes all course materials, catering (lunch and refreshments), WiFi access, and parking.

  • Standard Registration: $3,000

Get employer support! We’ve gathered resources to help you make the case for your employer to support your HDO education.

If you have questions prior to registering, please see our Professional Training FAQ or contact or contact Andrew M. Vasquez, HDO’s Enrollment & Success Coordinator at

Upon successful completion of the program, participants will receive a Communication & Leadership Certificate from Human Dimensions of Organizations at UT Austin.

Course Leader(s)

Who Should Participate

This program is ideally suited for professionals and leaders across diverse industries who wish to enhance their communication skills and leadership abilities. Whether you are a manager, supervisor, or aspiring leader, this program will equip you with the tools and knowledge to excel in your role and effectively lead your team or organization.

Elevate your leadership potential and communication skills by enrolling in the Communication & Leadership Certificate Program at UT Austin. Learn to engage your audience, inspire your team, negotiate effectively, and persuade with confidence, ultimately becoming a more impactful and influential leader.


As a professional, I don’t always have time for continuing education, and frankly, much of it goes ‘in one ear and out the other.’ HDO seminars are different. Not only do they provide an invigorating and inspiring experience, you learn tangible, applicable, and very relevant tools and techniques to apply to your everyday life. The way I look at the work I do has changed since the completion of my Certificate Program and the impact on my overall effectiveness has been substantial. These seminars give you a new lens through which life and work just make more sense!

Rachel Beaulieu

Executive Director, Enterprise Data Management, TriNet

From Certificate Seeker to Competitive Advantage in Just Four Days

Built on strong academic fundamentals and real-world relevance, HDO Certificate Programs are designed to enhance the portfolios of mid- and upper-level professionals.

Over the course of your program, you will gain immediately-applicable tools and skills to accelerate your career, whether your goal is advancing in your current organization, deepening your capacities to excel in your existing role, or developing additional skills for a transition to a new position. In the process, you will learn alongside and network with experienced professionals from a wide range of industries.

Courses Led by Top Faculty

“My favorite part of the Certificate Program was, hands down, the cross-disciplinary faculty. What remarkable minds! I gained multiple new lenses through which to view workplace challenges. I felt so lucky to have exposure and access to these extraordinary educators. The HDO faculty is world class. I can’t stop raving.”

Sarah Gerichten, Director of Marketing, Square Root, Inc.

Transform Your Organization with Group Training

By applying cutting-edge research and expertise from UT Austin’s top faculty to your organization’s unique challenges, our training programs are designed to:

  1. Build a dynamic organizational culture that fosters innovative thinking and embraces change.
  2. Strengthen team cohesion around existing or aspirational goals.
  3. Enhance leadership skills at all levels, from first-time managers to senior leaders and executives.