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HDO Courses Running February 15-18


Faculty and staff from UT Austin’s HDO Program are excited to welcome you to our upcoming Professional Training programs. 

This page provides key logistical information for your upcoming courses(s) with HDO. Whether you are joining us for one class or the entire week, please review the information below prior to your course(s).

We look forward to working with you!

General Information

Contact Information

If you have any questions leading up to or during your program, please contact Alyx Dykema

Course-Specific Information

Please note that some courses include optional pre-work to help you prepare for the day.

Perspectives on Branding

Pre-Course Reading/Assignments: None 

Other Information: 

Slide Deck: Perspectives on Branding

Addressing Change-o-Phobia: Leading Change Up and Down the Org Chart

Pre-Course Reading/Assignments: Please complete this additional survey prior to your course. 

Other Information: None

Slide Deck: View/download the course slide deck.

All Course Materials

Designing a More Diverse Organization

Pre-Course Reading/Assignments: N/A

Other Information: TBD

Slide Deck: 

Organizational Leadership and Strategy in Uncertain Times

Pre-Course Reading/Assignments: Dr. Suri would like all participants to read this selection from his book, The Impossible Presidency, as well as this brief article, prior to the course.

Other Information: All participants will receive a copy of The Impossible Presidency on the day of their course.

Slide Deck: View/download the course slide decks: Part 1

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