Matt Kammer-Kerwick

Aug 13, 2022

Lecturer, Researcher

Education: Ph.D., Management Science and Information Systems, The University of Texas at Austin

Matt Kammer-Kerwick, Ph.D., is an NSF-funded Senior Research Scientist at the Bureau of Business Research at the IC2 Institute, a Research Affiliate of the Population Research Center, and a Lecturer in the Human Dimensions of Organizations program, all at The University of Texas at Austin.

Prior to his role at the IC2 Institute, he was a research consultant to industry for over 20 years and was President and Founder of Visionary Research, Inc. His consulting practice focused on research to support clients’ strategic planning and product development processes, primarily in the information technology and health sciences sectors. He has a PhD in Management Science and Information Systems from The University of Texas at Austin and previous degrees in Physics and Systems Engineering.